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I provide occasional help during periods of growth and change, or for particular projects. I can be engaged on a short-term, temporary basis to help with urgent or outstanding needs (such as business analysis, process improvement, change management, project coordination, event management, HR services) or I can be brought in to overhaul business systems, processes and communications.





Renae is truly brilliant. She has been helping me since 2010. I’m hopeless with technology and administration. She came into my business after my Office Manager left and she quickly worked out ways to improve inefficiencies, save time and money, and effectively do herself out of a full-time job. I would be lost without her and I highly recommend her to help her solve your frustrations.






Since a very young age, I’ve always been hungry to work out the best, value-for-money way to do things. At 12, I taught myself how to code and started designing websites for businesses. I developed templates so I could quickly replicate my creations for different clients. At 20, I fell into an office administration role (despite never having worked in an office) and taught myself everything to do with efficiently running an office, bookkeeping and using technology to make your life easier. Naturally inquisitive, I completed two tertiary degrees (one in Psychology and another in Communications) and then further courses in project management and technology. Every day I still hope to learn something new and be able to share it and help someone with it.

Throughout my career, some of my proudest achievements include:

  • reducing business overheads by up to 80%;
  • developing quality systems and achieving quality accreditation in a record amount of time;
  • overhauling countless manual processes and improving them with technology platforms, automation and other tools;
  • writing multi-million dollar contract winning tenders;
  • coordinating events for 1000s of attendees;
  • setting up lean businesses from scratch.

In my spare time, I proudly coordinate Drifting SA and Glitter Gang drift motorsport events. And a testament to my multi-tasking skills, I also manage to drive during them!

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